The Finger Lime is native to Australia and has been used as a food source for many thousands of generations by the Australian Aboriginal people. Due to land clearing by European settlement for farming, much of this rare fruit was destroyed, however isolated pockets of sub-tropical rainforest on private land and National Parks still remain with some Finger Lime trees surviving. It is from these remaining pockets of Finger Lime trees that all commercially available trees have been sourced.The Australian Finger Lime Company is leading the resurrection and distribution of the
Finger Lime tree into many regions of Australia so it will once
again be a food source for the Australian people and other nations
worldwide guaranteeing the survival of the Finger Lime tree for future generations.

When purchasing one of the finger lime varieties marketed under the Ozlime Brand logo, you can be sure you will receive the culmination of 34 years of citrus knowledge, experience and 16 years of research on Finger Lime trees, giving you the best chance to grow healthy trees and quality fruits.